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Transitional Road And Community Kare

This is a Transitional Road, walked hand-in-hand by a Community of personal and highly qualified professional caregivers and counselors with Karing compassion. This is a place where learning to live anew can begin on solid stone. This is where living begins.
T.R.A.C.K House Life is a Service Provider Agency that helps people of all backgrounds, religions, ages, ethnicities and cultures. Our services ensure that our care is tailored to the specific people and communities we work with. Our outpatient counseling services, we help develop personalized plans that will help you live a healthy, independent, and satisfying life.
T.R.A.C.K House Life provides behavioral health services to families, children and individuals. Support groups, behavior management skills training, treatment clinical assessments, psychological testing and health consultations for families and individual therapy, support groups, behavior management skills training, child development and clinical assessments. We have trained licensed professional therapists and Psychologists.
T.R.A.C.K House Life’s Behavioral Health Clinic is experienced and reliable with a team that has provided Evidence Based treatment to our SMI, GMH and or Substance Abuse population in Arizona.
T.R.A.C.K House Life has been pr0oviding services for individuals with developmental disabilities since 2004 in the Central Phoenix area. Track House Life provides a Therapeutic home environment setting as well as Group Supported employment program for our clients. We provide respite and habilitation services as well. Our goal is to continue to provide our members with the best service possible to help our members meet their full potential and have a better quality of life.

Developmental Disabilities Program


TRACK House Life is a place where transition to better, richer lives begins.

This is TRACK House Life – we are the nexus where people with developmental disabilities find independence and personal strength in a support structure that believes in no limits to how greatly they can grow. We are the crossroads where at risk become empowered to believe in the most promising of lives ahead of them. We are the house of healing where fractured families can become whole once more.


Our rehabilitation services offer people with developmental disabilities complete and attentive care management, including supervising medication needs and behavioral therapy support. However, those services are but the earliest steady steps down roads to futures brimming with healthy self-worth and the conviction that every person in this world carries the potential for great things.


We proudly promote an environment that encourages people with developmental disabilities to believe they are capable of great independence and even greater love for those around them.

We believe there is more that we can offer, however. To caring family members and guardians, we also provide respite care for disabled loved ones to allow those so devoted to looking after them day-to-day a chance to step away and unravel themselves a while.

Training each individual to have faith in their own productive abilities to contribute in their homes and daily lives is a core component of our services. Our duty is to instill in often overlooked or marginalized individuals, and their loved ones, that no disability makes any life any less precious or productive to a better world…

  • Behavioral monitoring
  • Medication management
  • Voluntary room and board
  • Coordination with case managers
  • Supportive employment program providing vocational education and jobs performing basic maintenance throughout our group home
  • Loving holiday celebrations and various extracurricular outings and vacations

For families in crisis, our services promote opportunities to choose a healing path. The children in our case come to us with their young lives’ futures hanging in the balance of domestic distress.

Many children who come to our group homes arrive in the wake of traumatic decisions state or courts to remove them from their homes for their own benefit. Phoenix’s court system often recommends and entrusts our caring, discreet personnel to counsel the family as a group to promote the healing that creates an environment in which parents and children can reunite.

  • Consistent, healthy activities and routine that keep children always busy
  • Community educational resources
  • Counseling to ease the adaptation to a new, structured environment


  • TRACK House Life was founded upon a powerful trust in humanity – its capacity to heal and the inner strength so many underestimate all too often. We find strength in faith and enduring faith that we are all strong.



No two lives share an identical template. For each of us that is born, a new broken mold litters the floor in honor.
Valuing diversity will always be an instrumental pillar in TRACK House Life’s services. With respect to Phoenix’s varied cultures, we proudly offer all services with assistance in English, Spanish and Mandarin. Seeking out the greatest strength in us all requires that we see and honor each man, woman and child’s differences while having a reverence for how their unique backgrounds shape them.


The TRACK House Life family believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that few “broken” things in this world are truly irreparable. Our services are in place to offer every opportunity for strained and fractured families to heal and come together once more as a more resilient whole. Our counselors’ greatest achievements are approaching strained families and damaged children of broken or at-risk homes as individuals formed by distinctive, personal stories and struggles.


Above all, we believe in strength – the kind that grows and the underestimated kind that awaits within us all. We believe in a responsibility to the at-risk children who come into our care to not only shelter them, but to point them toward responsible lives full of potential and stability.
We believe we succeed greatest when the individuals in our care and their loved ones realize they are more capable than they could have once imagined, more able than ever to mean something as rich as any other to the world around them.
Finally, we believe in families that are stronger for the fires they walk through – far more together than they could ever be apart.
We believe in these things through a supportive community of endless caring – a road that leads to promising transitions. This is TRACK House Life.

“At 27 years old my grandson has been developmentally disabled his entire life. He, at times, is not the easiest person to handle because of his various mental states and continuous need for medication. For more than fifteen years my grandson has been in the care of a number of group homes, and I have been able to often observe the manner in which he has been taken care of and supervised. The extra good care that Track House Life Staff have given to my grandson has been far and above anything he was given in any of the other group homes.” -William K. Robinson