Employment Services

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Our Employment program provides individuals with disabilities employment opportunities, including recreational, vocational, therapeutic services, and individualized placement services, including job placement, skill development and employment retention.

Linked with our vocational services, our supported work program provides community employment opportunities which enhances social development and positive alternative behaviors. The program’s community workshop environment provides individuals with the skills and opportunities to work at their own pace and develop competitive employment skills.

Program includes:

  • Group Supported Employment (GSE)

With GSE individuals have the opportunity to develop direct on-the-job training. Consumers will receive the specific assistance needed to maintain successful employment.

  • Our Individual Support Plan at Track House Life will include on-the-job training. opportunities for each individual to develop work experience in such areas as distribution, stock work, retail, landscaping, janitorial, maintenance work and other suitable employment that can be obtained in the community. Assistance includes, job search and preparation towards gaining employment and maintaining employment in the public setting. Our Job specialist will begin the process of job development with the consumer by analyzing and identifying strengths, barriers and general job related skills needed for a particular work environment. The consumer will assist with the job development process and deciding what work environment, they feel, works best for them.

The Employment Program consists of:

  • Skills Development
  • Employment Development
  • Job Coaching
  • Group Support
  • Employment Support Aide
  • Supported Employment

If you are a family member, friend or Support Coordinator interested in Group Supportive Employment for a client you submit your request on our contact us (hyperlink to contact us page) page.