Habilitation and Respite Service

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Habilitation (HAB) Support

Track House Life will provide a variety of interventions designed to maximize the functioning of our consumer’s daily living. Services include, habilitation therapies for developmental skills, behavior intervention and sensory-motor development. Habilitation services will be provided in the consumer’s home and/or in the community. Goals of our habilitation service will provide training in self-help, socialization and knowledge that will increase skills to live effectively in their day-to-day life.

Our habilitation service will follow objectives identified in the consumers ISP and or BHP. Individual objectives are based on information gathered from the consumer’s vision and long-term goals, as well as information gathered from consumer representatives. Training assistance will include personal and physical needs. Track House Life will develop strategies to address behavior intervention and concerns. Review of mediation treatment regime will be take place upon agreement for services.

Strategies for habilitation objectives are developed 10 days after service begins. Objectives will identify teaching strategies, which will include; monitoring health needs, assistance with special diets, exercise routine and other therapeutic interventions recommended by consumer’s physician. Basic consumer skills, such as shopping, banking, money management, community resources (which includes assistance with community transportation), will be included within the consumer’s objective goals. Implementation, frequency of services, data collection methods and measurable outcomes will identify need to revise training objectives agree upon by ISP team. Track House Life will work with consumer’s family to increase and or maintain targeted goal direction.

Respite services

This service provides short-term care to relieve caregivers. Our respite services provide care for consumers on a part time bases. Care can be provided in the consumer’s home or in our designated respite home over night and/or on an hourly basis. Our respite care, staff are trained Behavioral Health Technicians and have years of experience caring for the Developmentally Disabled population.

Families or Guardians interested in these services may contact us (hyperlink to contact us page) for more information.

Interested in providing Respite and Habilitation services for a family member or friend? Please see our Careers (hyperlinked to Careers page) page for more information.