Service for People with Developmental Disability

At Track House Life, providing services to people with developmental disabilities is our highest priority to assist these individuals in maximizing their independence and community participation. We are committed to providing the best human services to meet their unique and often demanding needs. We recognize the dignity of our clients, and always respect their individual rights while assisting individuals with independence, individuality and productivity.

Track House Life

Philosophy, Goals and Objective of Human Services Delivery Program

The agency provides support services to individuals with disabilities and mental health needs. The services are provided in family homes, residential, and respite areas. The service is community-based and provides the opportunity for each individual to obtain more independence in his/her daily life. The agency provides support and training in interpersonal relations, social skills, behavior management, and daily living skills. Throughout the daily routine, planned and incidental activities occur that are stimulating, creative, and provide for social relationships and hobbies. Each person has the opportunity to participate in community groups, community services, neighborhood activities, and day program activities that are appropriate to the age and needs of the individual.

Track House Life Services

Group Homes for Adults with Developmental Disabilities:

Track House Life’s Group Home Program is tailored for individuals who require special assistance with daily living.

This program is a 24-hour per day service that provides for a safe and healthy living environment that meets the physical needs of the consumer. Track House Life also ensures that each home has furnishings and decor and any necessary modifications to optimize independence and personal preferences of our residence. Our goal is to ensure a safe and healthy environment, which meets the physical and emotional needs of the residences, as well as culturally appropriate with the preference of the resident. The individuals living in our homes participate in normal family home and community activities, which provide daily opportunities for learning and developing important life skills. Training is provided in the following areas:

  • Behavior management

  • Medication Management

  • Independent Living Skills

  • Community Access and Reintegration

  • Social Recreational Skills and

  • Self-Care

With our training, individuals develop the techniques and supports necessary to accommodate their residual cognitive, behavioral and emotional difficulties, in order to lead full and productive lives.

Employment Services:

Track House Life runs an Employment Program that helps persons with mental health concerns and other disabilities with individualized employment services, including job placement, skill development and employment retention.


Adult Developmental Homes:

Adult developmental homes are family homes which provide supports and care for a person(s) with disabilities in a family environment. Residents would live in the home with his/her licensed caregiver(s) while receiving services to meet his/her individualized needs.