Track House Life’s mission is based on a strong commitment to providing high quality, innovative services driven by the persons being served.

We believe in families that are stronger for the fires they walk through – far more together than they could ever be apart.

Seeking out the greatest strength in us all requires that we see and honor each man, woman and child’s differences while having a reverence for how their unique backgrounds shape them.

Our services are in place to offer every opportunity for strained and fractured families to heal and come together once more as a more resilient whole.

Our highest priority is to maximize independence and community participation. Track House Life is dedicated to providing mental health service, and other supportive services, to people with mental health and/or developmental challenges, youths and families. Track House Life provides a range of programs to service these populations.

Our programs provide:

  • Group Home Services for people with developmental disabilities
  • Supported Work Program for persons with Developmental Disabilities
  • Counseling/Consultation Services

Track House Life is a Central Phoenix Agency dedicated to providing our clients with services developed to enrich their lives. Spanish speaking and other multi-lingual providers are available.